Frio is a surf documentary that began as a passion project between Director J.P Veillet (Sequence Films) and myself. The film follows two up and coming Nicaraguan surfers as they travel from their small fishing village to Vancouver Island, Canada, to try their hand at cold water surfing for the first time. To date the film has won several awards including Best Cinematography at South Carolina Surf Film Festival and continues to screen at festivals internationally on a regular basis. It is currently available for rent/purchase at Vimeo On Demand here:
Kevin Cortez 
Jackson Obando

Produced by: Sequence Films
Director: J.P Veillet
Assistant Director: Karine-Maya Nadon
DOP: Bryan Wilkat
Editors: Julien Gagnon, J.P Veillet
Colourist: Bryan Wilkat
Water Videographers: Chris Bowerman, J.P Veillet
Drone Operator: J.P Veillet