Q: Do you work with a team or by yourself?
I’m an independent freelancer so if you already have a crew and you're only looking to fill one position that's great, let's make it work! But if you are looking for an entire photo or video crew I also have teams at the ready to help out with everything from conception, storyboarding, scriptwriting, pre-production planning, producing, editing, colouring, animation and sound mixing, etc... 
Q: What gear do you use?
There’s no quick or easy answer to this question. I'll use whatever gear is necessary for the job to get the best possible images (and that makes sense with the budget of the project!). 
Q: Okay, but... what do you use on a daily basis?
If you're really curious, the Panasonic S1H is my daily driver but I'll often use a Canon EOS R for still photography and I'm partial to the Sony FS-5 for documentary work. If your project needs something else, I also have access to other cameras and have experience shooting with everything in between (including higher end cinema cameras like Red's and Arri's)!
Q: Do you use lights, or you need lighting?
Yes. Well, yes and no. If you watched my Cinematography Reel or flipped through some photos on this site then you've seen a variety of work, some was shot in studio or on location with a lighting and grip crew but I also love shooting with natural light and smaller crews. If your shoot is outside at golden hour or if we find a location with natural light that just works, then we can probably get away without extra lighting but either way, we'll do what works best for your project!
Q: I want a drone shot, do you have a drone?
No, aerial videography and photography work is a specialty and should be carried out by professionals who have all the necessary training and documentation. However, if you reeeeeally need a drone shot we can discuss it and go through the proper channels. 
Q: How much does a video or photoshoot cost?
Every shoot is unique so the best way to answer this is to shoot me an email with some information about your project. ie. What's the purpose of the project? What are we shooting? Where are we shooting? Where will the project be used (social/website/magazine)? What is your ideal project timeline? etc...
Q: What if I have no budget? 
If you're a non-for-profit, an artist, musician, band, athlete, philanthropist, environmentalist or if you have a great story to tell, let's talk. 
Q: How can I hire you?
Shoot over an email through my Contact page with some information about your project and I’ll get back to you asap!
Q: Will you travel for work?
Definitely, I love travelling for work and I have a valid passport (and driver's license FYI)!
Q: Are you part of any union?
No, not as of yet. This could be a pro or a con for you as a producer/production/agency but I would be opening to joining if the right project came along. I understand why union's exist and obviously they have their place but at the same time I don't appreciate how they can simultaneously secure work for some while hindering work for others. 
Q: I have another question about gear... what camera should I buy?
Well, truth be told the gear you use doesn't matter too much, it's more about how you use it. I can’t tell you specifically what you should buy because it depends on what you want to shoot, what your budget is and what you like. Pretty much every company is making great cameras at all price ranges, so just pick one that you think you'll stick with for a long time.